Episode 49: Ghosting – Vanishing with a Digital Trace

In this episode, Steve leads the charge on the concept of Ghosting. Steve did the academic research, Phil did the field research, we could say. They talk about who is likely to ghost, who is likely to experience ghosting, and what the effects and strategies could be for avoiding them.


An empirical, accessible definition of “ghosting” as a relationship dissolution method – 2022 – Kay and Courtice

Ghosting: “Ghosting is when one person suddenly ignores or stops communicating with another person, without telling them why.”

Ghosting in Emerging Adults’ Romantic Relationships: The Digital Dissolution Disappearance Strategy 2019 – LeFebvre et al.

Ghosting: Unilaterally ceasing communication (temporarily or permanently) in an effort to withdraw access to individual(s) prompting relationship dissolution (suddenly or gradually) commonly enacted via one or multiple technological medium(s).


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